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Cults And New Religions. A Brief History

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This unparalleled introduction to cults and new religious movements has been completely up-dated and expanded to reflect the latest developments; each chapter reviews the origins, leaders, beliefs, rituals and practices of a NRM, highlighting the specific controversies surrounding each group

  • Описание
  • A fully updated, revised and expanded edition of an unparalleled introduction to cults and new religious movements Profiles a number of the most visible, significant, and controversial new religious movements, presenting each group s history, doctrines, rituals, leadership, and organization Offers a discussion of the major controversies in which new religious movements have been involved, using each profiled group to illustrate the nature of one of those controversies Covers debates including what constitutes an authentic religion, the validity of claims of brainwashing techniques, the implications of experimentation with unconventional sexual practices, and the deeply rooted cultural fears that cults engender

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